PRA Chapter One of
Southern California

2015 Chapter One

Welcome to the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In
September 27-29, 2024


The Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In is held each year, at the end of September, at El Mirage Dry lake, El Mirage, CA. Chapter One has been working to make this one of the best Rotorcraft Events on the West Coast for over 50 years. And each year, we invite back old friends, and meet new ones, to experience the wonder and joy of Rotorcraft flight.

But, the Freedom Fly-In is not just for Rotorcraft! If you fly a Trike, PPG, Fixed-Wing, Helicopter (even RC models!), then the Fly-In is for you.

The weather can be anywhere from baking hot to extremely brisk, from calm skies to VERY windy days, from sunny to the threat of rain.  However, in 59 years of KBFFI, there has only been 1 rain cancellation, and 2 events that changed venues due to the Dry Lake being wet. The Lake Bed gets VERY muddy with just a little rain, and the BLM is tasked with preserving El Mirage, so closures can happen.

Chapter One updates this site so YOU can be informed should the Fly-In dates/location change. Simply go to our Flyer/Schedule Page to see the current Map Flyer and Schedule of Events for this year.

Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In

Official KBFFI