The Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In

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Traveling to KBFFI can be an adventure, but it shouldn’t be a challenge! So, we’ve provide a map (see Flyer below) so you can not only arrive safely, but it also provide you with the information concerning Lake access fees, a list of the main events, and contact info.

If this is your 1st time at El Mirage, and you plan on staying on the Lake, please be aware that there are no facilities on the Lake.  Chapter One provides Porta-Potties. And, since the weather can be unpredictable, make sure you bring a variety of clothing (layers!) Please pack accordingly.


And, of course, what would a Fly-in be without food! We at Chapter One realize that many visitors are not merely visiting for the day, but spend one (or more ) nights visiting  with us.

So, we have lunches and dinners planned (and even evening movies - weather permitting!)  Plus, we have an Annual Raffle and Awards Night as well. So, get a copy of the schedule (see below) and that way, YOU’LL be in the know!

For those who want to use their radio when flying (many of the single seat aircraft here - gyros, PPG’s etc - do not have one), you can set your radio to 123.025 MHz. That way you can communicate with those aircraft who are equipped.

Thank you for your interest in the Ken Brock Freedom Fly-In
We look forward to seeing you here!

KBFFI 2024 - September 27-29, 2024